Junior Vikings 2016 Game Schedule


Schedule to be posted in August
Week Date Time Team Opponent Location
Week 1 8/28/16 9:30am 90 lbs TFC Mohawks Away
9:00am 110 lbs NWAA Bobcats Away
11:00am 135 lbs NWAA Tomcats Away
1:00pm 160 lbs NWAA Wildcats Away
Week 2 9/3/16 9:30am 90 lbs Pendleton Cubs Home
11:00am 110 lbs Pendleton Predators Home
1:00pm 135 lbs Pendleton Cougars Home
3:00pm 160 lbs BR Riverside Rams Home
Week 3 9/11/16 9:30am 90 lbs Lew-Port Knights Away
11:00am 110 lbs Lew-Port Rams Away
1:00pm 135 lbs Lew-Port Chargers Away
3:00pm 160 lbs Lew-Port Spartans Away
Week 4 9/17/16 9:30am 90 lbs TFC Mohawks Home
11:00am 110 lbs TFC Renegades Home
1:00pm 135 lbs TFC Braves Home
3:00pm 160 lbs TFC Warriors Home
Week 5 9/25/15 9:00am 90 lbs Kat Raiders Away
12:30pm 110 lbs Kat Raiders Away
2:30pm 135 lbs Kat Raiders Away
4:30pm 160 lbs Kat Raiders Away
Week 6 10/1/16 9:30am 90 lbs Clarence Away
10/2/16 1:00pm 110 lbs KAT Silver Raiders Away
Bye 135 lbs Bye
Bye 160 lbs Bye
Week 7 10/8/16 9:30am 90 lbs NF Jr. Rattlesnakess Home
11:00am 110 lbs NF Jr. Diamondbacks Home
1:00pm 135 lbs NF Jr. Cobras Home
3:00pm 160 lbs NF Jr. Vipers Home
Week 8 10/15/16 7:00am 160 lbs TTFA Bills Away
9:30am 90 lbs NTAA Cubs Away
11:00am 110 lbs NTAA Timberwolves Away
1:00pm 135 lbs NTAA Avalanche Away
Week 9 10/22/16 9:30am 90 lbs KAT Raiders Home
11:00am 110 lbs Wilson Jr. Lakeman Home
1:00pm 135 lbs Wilson Jr. Lakeman Home
3:00pm 160 lbs Wilson Jr. Lakeman Home


Sweet Home Middle School - 4150 Maple Road, Amherst, NY
Wilson High School, Route 425, Wilson, NY
Pepsi Center, Amherst, NY
Niagara Wheatfield High School
Rescue Field, Strad Avenue, North Tonawanda, NY